10 thoughts on “7 Secrets of Bologna

    1. Bologna totally deserves the place in your bucket list! I learned about the 7 secrets from a friend who used to live there, otherwise I wouldn’t have heard of it either.


  1. Actually, there’s an eighth. The Passo de San Luca is a covered, arched walkway leading from the southwestern city gate uphill to the Santuario de San Luca, about 4.1 kilometres. Again, the architect and the church had some kind of altercation, the church requiring that costs be cut. The architect ultimately agreed to do so, and his solution partly involved changing the number of gates between arches – from his original number to the new number of…666. Those knowledgeable about the bible will recognize that as the number of the beast, or Satan. The numbers are actually shown on the gates as you ascend, but for some reason, they stop at 658.
    Thanks for the posting. Bologna is a wonderful city, with a wonderful attitude.


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