A Day in Český Krumlov

cesky krumlov

Mabye you’ve already seen on my Instagram that I recently visited the Czech Republic. Even though I live a bit far from the next airport, I can’t complain about living close to the border to Austria and the Czech Republic. Last week they spontaneously made the decision that we are going to do a family day trip to Český Krumlov.

Of course I checked out online before we went about things to see and to do. I somehow pictured Český Krumlov as hidden gem in my head – boy, I was so wrong! Český Krumlov is a UNESCO Heritage site and has a picturesque old town and a worth seeing castle. It was a very charming city with a couple of interesting things to see and even I didn’t lose my sense of orientation! There were also a few nice spots with a marvelous view of the city with the perfect opportunity to take pictures!

Czesky Krumlov
What surprised me the most?

There were tourists en masse from all over the world, how come I never heard that it’s so famous. Tour guides with groups from China, Brazil and Italy. We parked the car in front of the city at a big car park, there I saw already cars from Hungary, Austria and the Netherlands. Actually nothing unusual when you live in Europe but I never heard. I was quite surprised about the amount of tourists because I never knew that such a cute Czech city nearby is so popular and because I never heard of anybody who wanted to visit it – I always saw it as a city nearby. Nothing special, like the places in Austria and Germany I visited without being aware that it’s possible to do more than shopping there. I think that’s the most touristic town I’ve ever visited… or maybe it’s because of the current travel season? The restaurants had their menus in three languages (Czech, German and English) we also heard people talking in Russian, French and German all over the city. The waiters had also no problem with speaking English, German or Russian, you can even pay in Euro or Czech Kurona. Of course we had amazing Bohemian food and nice Czech beer with a nice view. In the afternoon we even had some live music during a coffee break in the afternoon.

Czesky Krumlov

Entering Český Krumlov was so lovely – when you see it you’ll know what I mean, there was no rush to see as many sights as possible on a short time because it was so tiny but so charming. We went up to the castle and walked around the gardens. The gardens itself weren’t a real gem, maybe it’s currently because the grass is suffering from the current heat.


I also saw signs that there are shuttle busses from/to Austria (Linz, Salzburg & Vienna) available, so it seems like a well-known place for many people but me. I also noticed a huge amount of accommodations advertising free rooms, seems like it’s no problem to find spontaneously a room for one night. I can recommend anyone who wants to have a rather restful day in a cute city to visit Český Krumlov.

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